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Fashion Bloggers | Meet Kate 00:15
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Fashion Bloggers on E!

Fashion Bloggers follows the fast-paced lives of Australia’s top independent bloggers of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Surrounded by a boundless playground of

S02E08| Passport Required 24:05

S02E08| Passport Required

“I am really excited for the fashion in Dubai, I’m excited to really be able to chic it up.” – Nadia

Taking luxury to a global l

S02E06 | Wanderlust 22:30

S02E06 | Wanderlust

“For me storytelling it is about creating and idea or a concept and visualizing and making it come to life.” - Amanda

Eternal quests for adventure, a

S02E04 | Sports Luxe 22:34

S02E04 | Sports Luxe

“Sports luxe is me, I’m really sporty and I also really enjoy the fashion combination. It happens without trying.” – Nadia

As f

S02E03 | Who Runs the World? 22:30

S02E03 | Who Runs the World?

"This the one industry that I know of and have experience where women are just running it.” – Sara

Like a sparkling Jimmy Choo, our Fashion Blog

S01E08 | Baby It's Warm Outside. 22:30

S01E08 | Baby It's Warm Outside.

“Time to jam some bikinis and denim shorts into a suitcase and run!” Zanita

Pop the champagne and don the bikinis, some fun in the sun is just what

S01E07 | Through The Looking Glass 22:30

S01E07 | Through The Looking Glass

“Playing dress up never ends.” Kate

Follow the Bloggers down the fashion rabbit hole and into a world where creativity knows no limits.

S01E02 | Modern Girls Uploaded 22:30

S01E02 | Modern Girls Uploaded

“There's a whole lot more to it than just taking selfies.” Sara

Building their empires in a thriving digital landscape, technology is a bloggers

S02E01 | Ready. Set. Runway! 22:32

S02E01 | Ready. Set. Runway!

“Street style is like bird watching” Zanita

Your favourite Fashion Bloggers are back and bolder than ever. Once again taking the blogger-sphere by st

S01E04 | Off Duty 22:30

S01E04 | Off Duty

‘I’m writer, stylist, photographer, uni student...what’s off duty?” Margaret

The weekend is here and it’s time to kick


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