Fashion Bloggers | Meet Zanita 00:15
S02E07 | Reality check 22:30

S02E07 | Reality check

“I could tell you what goes on behind the scenes but then I'd have to kill you.” – Zanita

Carefully crafted editing and the power of

S01E08 | Baby It's Warm Outside. 22:30

S01E08 | Baby It's Warm Outside.

“Time to jam some bikinis and denim shorts into a suitcase and run!” Zanita

Pop the champagne and don the bikinis, some fun in the sun is just what

S01E01 | Lights. Camera. Fashion! 22:30

S01E01 | Lights. Camera. Fashion!

“I’m such a poser #represent” Zanita

From Sydney to New York, Perth and into the pages Vogue - there is no time for sleep when you are on

S02E01 | Ready. Set. Runway! 22:32

S02E01 | Ready. Set. Runway!

“Street style is like bird watching” Zanita

Your favourite Fashion Bloggers are back and bolder than ever. Once again taking the blogger-sphere by st


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